Neko No Hitai

Studio cat Lupini brings you 猫の額 (Neko No Hitai), cruising the high seas of sound on HMS MDR.

Having hosted a show with our mates on the other side of town, IWFM, we thought it was high time that she started to hold down one with us as well. Lupini aka Nina Franklin has been hard at work in the Melodic Distraction studio, becoming a familiar face on the other side of the studio webcam. Stepping away from producing shows for a moment, Lupini takes to the helm. Expect ambient storytelling, vapourwave, mumblecore, acidic percussion spasms, jazz, juke, footwork and who knows what else as she takes us on a voyage to the deep.

This time around, we’re celebrating the Vernal Equinox with an equal balance of light and dark. Sparkly, cosmic ambient gives way to drone, deep modular synth meditations, glitch rap and some scary neoclassical compositions before peeping back into the sunshine with jazz and folk.