Kind Worlds

Kind Worlds is the latest vessel for Liverpool artist JC Leisure to discuss the positive ideas of world building, communities and the networks of independent music scenes that connect them. 

Since arriving in Liverpool JC Leisure has run the now defunct label Pale Master (publishing work by UKAEA, MT Hall, Vida Vojic) and with alumni Cartier For Everyone hosted local club nights such as HOME OF THE BRAVE and The Painted Oasis. Between touring sound system worshipping live sets of cassette-deeeejaying and late night post-club mutations of rave and free party timelines, JC Leisure has hosted parties and tours across europe and released work on labels such as Warm Winters Ltd and Not Not Fun.

JC Leisure has now begun building the House of Jupiter (a new Civilization II). Kind Worlds is an initial step on this ad hoc collective consciousness and will feature sonic essays, sporadic chats with friends near and far, and meanderings across plains of topics such as optics of online spaces to the criminal justice bill of 1993.

Situated at the cosmic suspension of continuously being between two points, with a semi regular day job as the hidden labour of the art world, join JC Leisure as he decides if it’s simply Kind Worlds and .wav files all the way down. Pour yourself a coffee, pard’ner and come walk out into the desert.