Dull Mastiff’s Divinity

Dull Mastiff aka Zee Davine is a producer, artist and DJ from Birkenhead, Merseyside.

Appearing in the public consciousness as leader of half-punk, half-prank outfit Queen Zee, Davine’s brash blend of hardcore punk and queer focused lyricism and nonsense gave the band a celebrity fan in Iggy Pop who wrongly termed the group “The next Iggy Pop” at the 2019 GQ Awards. After a debut album, and appearances at Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds and Download, supporting acts from death metal heavyweights Venom Prison to everyones least favourite Spice Girl, Mel C, the band imploded and mere months later the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

With a locked down couple of years giving Davine a time to play around with new sounds and projects, Tokky Horror was born, a collective of breakbeat obsessed punks, including Mollie Rush and Ava Akira. Tokky Horror still possessed the same affinity for hard sounds and high energy as Davine’s previous work. This time however, it was through jungle breaks, rave stabs and hard bass. Drawing influences from old skool U.K. genre benders like Aphex Twin and The Prodigy as well as looking east towards European Gabber, Russian Hard Bass and the euphoric trance sounds that ring throughout the continent. Tokky Horror was as equally a love letter to European culture in a time where Brexit was separating the U.K. from it more than ever, as well as sound tracking a bizarre and unprecedented pandemic struck modern Britain.

You can catch Dull Mastiff live every month at their resident club night Divinity at Birkenhead’s Future Yard.