Zetland Live w/ Bob Kaballa & DJ Afters

Zetland, an aggy Funkadelia trio from Liverpool, with roots from psychedelia, funk, punk ‘n’ all that gunk.

Their energetic, visually orientated gigs, leave the audience with energy captured within the moment, with each song blending into one another they plan to take you on a unique journey each time you join them.

Bop Kaballa are a live psych jazz/trip-hop collective based in Liverpool. Garunteed to blow your head off each time, this group creates an atmosphere different from any other, with groovy chaps and dreaming synth lines they take you where you’ve never been before.

Geuvarism, Hendri & K-9 take to the decks at 11pm to see you out with the trippiest of electronica, house & anything that takes your ears off guard.

A gig followed by a rave, what’s not to like?