WoWFEST: Class of ’23

As the economy spirals into turmoil and workers from all sectors take to the picket lines in demand for better wages and conditions, WoWFEST is raising its banner high. We invite everyone to join us in a month-long celebration of working-class culture and life, in all its diversity. Our line-up of writers, artists, and commentators will explore the ways in which class shapes our perceptions, experiences, opportunities, and culture, and how we view our place in the world. We’ll delve into the impact of race, gender, and sexual orientation on class, and examine how literature addresses or reinforces class inequality. Join WoWFEST: Class of ’23 and be part of the change you want to see – make your voice heard in the campaign for social equality!

Meet the class of ’23

Michael Rosen, Travis Alabanza, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lowkey, Shami Chakrabarti, Gary Younge, Kenan Malik, Joelle Taylor, Kit De Waal, Chris Nineham, Tomiwa Owolade, She Drew The Gun,  Peter Hooton + Many more

Opportunities for working-class people are dwindling, and past gains in employment, education, and health are being eroded. Working-class writers and publishers are pushing back, but the industry is still dominated by white, middle-class voices. Writing on the Wall is proud to be part of the movement to elevate the value of our lives and voices. We offer a platform to explore the difficult and sometimes traumatic experiences of working-class people, while also celebrating their multifaceted lives.

“Our mission for WoWFEST: Class of ’23 is to ignite a revolution of ideas and action. We are bringing together a diverse range of voices to tackle the pressing issue of class inequality and explore how creativity can be a powerful tool for change. Class has always been central to our work at Writing on the Wall and our festival; now more than ever, it’s time to stand up and say, ‘class matters.’”  

Madeline Henneghan and Mike Morris – Co-directors, Writing on the Wall