Su, I Think & Lazygirl

London-based artist Su, I Think makes their way over to Liverpool for a performance at Melodic, with support from the wonderful Lazygirl.

Su, I Think is a musician and artist based in London. Their work blends dark electronica with experimental pop, balancing a poetic sensibility and emotional depth with tongue-in-cheek darkness.

Lazygirl resides in a place where smooth melodies and lo-fi production flow in harmony with down-to-earth lyricism about mental illness, feminism and queer identity.

A songwriter from a young age, Beth Harris began producing her own music at 17 with the help of a group of female and non-binary artists and producers including Clairo and Sophie Meiers. Now, with over one million streams, Beth has established herself as an artist to watch, becoming one of Liverpool’s ‘Most Ready’ artists through the esteemed LIMF Academy.