Join us for a unique book preview event that will take you on a thrilling journey to Liverpool in 1863, during the American Civil War. WATER STREET, the latest novel by the talented John Maxwell, is a gripping spy yarn that will transport you to a world of espionage, danger, and intrigue. 

Follow the story of Confederate Commander Banastre X. Dunwoody, who is determined to secure advanced warships that could turn the conflict in favour of the Confederacy. But his pregnant wife, Harriet Dunwoody, is a covert agent working for the U.S. Government, tasked with sabotaging his plans.

As the fate of the USA and the City of Liverpool hangs in the balance, join us for an unmissable evening of high shenanigans that will take you deep into the heart of this enthralling tale.

Join John Maxwell at The Bridewell, discover how he used the Victorian police jail as a setting for his novel, and hear the grim tales of gaoler Mr. Ake, who has designs upon being a writer, but first he needs to do a spot of murder. Sit in the cells and listen as JP Maxwell guides you through the story of WATER STREET.