Sonic Yoothavision – Watch Eurovision Final (+ Party)

Tickets to watch the Eurovision (with a big party afterwards). Limited seated tickets available, many will be standing (first come first serve)

The ticket will guarantee you entry to the screening which will be held at 24 Kitchen Street on a big screen with a beefy soundsystem. Everyone at the screening will be guaranteed entry to the Yootha afterparty talking place after the winner has been announced

To ensure you all have the best time we ask that anyone with a ticket arrives at the venue no later than 8pm, the time the competition begins. Anyone arriving later may not be guaranteed entry even if they have a ticket. There will also be an ultra-limited number of spaces for people to pay on the door on the night but we would advise anyone coming to purchase a ticket which you can do by clicking this link:

For those of you who are watching from home, or in the arena itself (not jealous at all, honest) and want to come along after the contest you will be able to pay on the door as usual. We are expecting it to be a bit of a riot so make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment. Eurovision 2023 Liverpool. Who knew THAT would ever happen? Lets make it a night to remember. Well see you all there.

Music Genres: Alternative, Disco, House, Pop