Soloveiko Songbird

Please note that the Soloveiko Songbirds located at Mann Island and outside Royal Liver Building on Liverpool Strand will be deflated from 7PM on Wednesday 3 May in anticipation for problematic weather scheduled overnight. The 10 other birds will remain inflated and be monitored throughout.

This is part of EuroFestival, for more information please visit EuroFestival.

This piece is produced by Amigo & AmigoSvitlana Reinish, Anton Dehtiarov, Black_Box, M3 Industries

Follow the Soloveiko Songbird map to discover the songs and stories of Ukraine. The Soloveiko Songbird – nightingale in English – is the national bird of Ukraine and a symbol of song and happiness. 12 Soloveiko from different Ukrainian regions have travelled to Liverpool, bringing their songs and stories to EuroFestival.

The artists have produced 12 giant illuminated Soloveiko sculptures and an imaginative animation that brings the Soloveiko to life allowing the viewer to watch the birds travel throughout Ukraine, showing the country’s unique beauty, mythology and cities.

Follow the Soloveiko Songbird trail by using the trail map here.

*Suitable for all ages.

Accessiblility Information 

As this is taking place in outdoor spaces, there are no toilet facilities and all areas that the birds are placed on are level and wheelchair accessible