Sara Wolff

There’s an old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” and it’s this attention to detail which is woven through Sara Wolff’s songwriting. A lyrical observer well-attuned to life’s finer points, her forthcoming EP ‘Magic Hour’ marks a shift in her sonic universe after what she calls
“a year of sound” and revisiting her native Bergen reshaped the homespun nuggets crafted in her cosy Liverpool abode. Now expanding her pool of people and production skills outside, Sara’s music is present as it pulls from the past, and muses on the weird paradox of time with wide-eyed wonder.

Playing, or rather, experimenting with sound has always been Sara’s superpower in the face of adulting. 12 months following her debut EP When You Left The Room, collaboration and composition has led the way. Lacing a crimson thread through a tapestry of rich arrangements, her avant-garde knit-pop has been honed through producing other artists; performing as a session musician; embarking upon her first solo tour of unconventional spaces, book shops, and museums whilst armed with her trusty 4-track cassette machine, and sharing stages with artists like Fenne Lily, Rachael Dadd, Helado Negro and Peter Broderick.