Samurai Breaks b2b Fixate – Yeno Tha Soundsystem vs Super Sonic Booty Bangers

This November Super Sonic Booty Bangers and Yeno Tha team up to bring da uptempo party flavaz to Liverpool!

Celebrating Sam Breaks 30th in style, we have him playing an extra special b2b with Exit Records aficionado Fixate! After their insane performance at Boomtown this year we can’t wait to get them behind the decks together again!

In support, we have a masterclass in euphoric bass carnage from SSBB badboi Audio Gutter and Yeno Tha’s legendary Gullyteen. These two are on the cutting edge of weird speedy bangers with two signature sounds that gel into one massive rave machine!

We also are blessed to have one like Eminence, supplying ruthless jungle and hardcore that’ll rock ya socks off!

Next up is refined filth and tasteful chaos from Yeno Tha’s resident amen slinger, Charlie Power, with upcoming releases on Deep In the Jungle and tunes supported by the one and only Pendulum!

Nego is the new alias from Scouse scene legend Buddha – combining tasty footwork and jungle with modern dnb stylings in a soundclash style.

Gabba Banoush is the name chosen by the copper wire whisperer/harmonic node wrangler that is the engineering powerhouse behind the Yeno Tha system. Know you are safe in these hands, as they spin footwork, hardcore and donk.

This event is powered by the Yeno Tha Soundsystem, Liverpool’s premier bespoke rave rig. Custom build and shop parts combine under the watchful eyes of our magical techs to bring you precise clean headroom, with chest rattling sub and immaculate detail.

We will be working with Meraki to ensure this night is as safe as possible! If you have any issues, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to come forward to either venue staff or members of our team (wearing pink armbands) and we will do our utmost to help.

No weapons/no knobheads/no tech house

Night runs 10 – 4