Rakhi Singh

Since co-founding Manchester Collective in 2016, violinist Rakhi Singh has become an increasingly familiar name to those in both classical and experimental music circles: From tours with Hiromi and Philip Glass, directing her first Prom with the Collective, to composition and collaborations with the likes of Clark, Vessel and Fever Ray.

At The Tung Auditorium, Singh will perform works for solo violin, from across a range of varied traditional music eras, from Bach to Bagashree and Von Bingen.

This concert will last approximately 50 minutes.

Part of the Lunchtime Concert Series.

Bach: Partita No. 2 for solo violin in D Minor
Sciarrino: Caprice No. 2
Hildegard von Bingen: O Viridissima Virga
Raag Bagashree: Traditional Indian Classical Violin
Jefferson: Bluegrass (Traditional)