Protect the Beats

This is part of EuroFestival, for more information please visit Eurofestival

This piece is produced by Whispered Tales & Denys Kashchei.

As war broke out in Ukraine, we looked on in horror as people across the country tried to keep their loved ones safe. But it wasn’t just their loved ones they were protecting, but their culture, art and music.

Protect the Beats is a work of solidarity with the people of Ukraine. A large-scale public artwork will feature a well-known Liverpool landmark – and over 2,500 sandbags. A short film, embedded in the artwork, illustrates how music remains at the beating heart of Ukrainian culture in a message of hope, joy and defiance.

Created by Whispered Tales in collaboration with the Ukrainian musician Denys Kashchei, the film features a range of footage – from opera singers to drum and bass – illustrating the power of music to unite people, even in the darkest of times.

*Film will be captioned. *Suitable for all ages.

Accessibility Information

The documentary has a rating of ‘U’ and is suitable for all ages
The documentary will have some images of weapons and will be captioned / subtitled
As this is an outdoor space, there are no toilet facilities and all areas on Exchange flags are level and wheelchair accessible (the immediate area around the installation has cobble stones)