PLUSH – Vinyl Launch Party [Machine North]

MACHINE welcomes PLUSH, showcasing their sound on this collaborative record between two of Liverpool’s underground pioneers.

To celebrate the release of the record the two absolute units will be throwing down a launch party at Melodic Bar with all the artists featuring on the new vinyl stopping by to soundtrack the evening.

Line Up:
Lucy Grey
DJ Sweetspot
All Trades
S.o.D. b2b DJ X-TRAKT
North 90

Pre-orders for the vinyl are available NOW – CLICK HERE!

More about the record:
The overarching concept is a limited vinyl series documenting Liverpool’s surviving club culture focusing on nights that get them crowds using local talent. It’s not easy to do but when it’s archived the vibe is tangible.

PLUSH are one of Liverpool’s most loved and forward thinking crews. Hosting 12 hour raves, organised by Ollie Cash, and featuring a collaboration of some of Liverpool’s most skilled creatives.

The first of its kind for PLUSH, this record brings together their resident DJs & MC, as well as associated friends, all to flex their craft of electronic dance music production.

Kicking off side one of the record is Lucy Grey with her track False Belief. As the title suggests, one perception is pulled from underneath our feet and the truth shall stand bare.

Lucy replicates this sonically as a deep, hypnotic groove lures us in, for a contradictory flip to happen and then delivering us back into the original groove.

Splicing together vocal chops, heavy low end subs and kicks, and soft pads & sharp synths, Lucy Grey has gifted to this record a slice of her musical excellence.

Next up is DJ Sweetspot with their track Beyond Binaries. Sweetened with beginner’s charm, Sweetspot’s first release is catatonic in its execution.

A roller coaster through the sonic of modern trance, DJ Sweetspot slams us with building consistency. Simple, steady loops lock us into a driving rhythm, and cascading layers of synths weaved within, this is an undeniable groove that hits the spot !

Then, flipping into side two, All Trades & S.o.D. switch the vibe into overdrive. Working at a relatively slower tempo than both are used to, yet retaining the sonic qualities and depth both producers are known for, Cracks is the name of this track.

A collaboration that utilised a drum machine, modular rack, guitar, samples, and an MC, Cracks is a fiery fusion of two minds at their best. Rolling kicks, twitchy percussion, textural soundscapes, and a guiding vocal, Cracks is a locked, persistent groove.

W-I is the MC on this track, the PLUSH vibe pusher. He captured PLUSH’s journey throughout 2022, highlighting the people, places, and team that made that year possible. All Trades, S.o.D. & W-I have perfectly reflected the PLUSH vibe into this stonking, banging track.

And, to close out the record, with a BANG, the founders of PLUSH have their much awaited polly drought is over tune released with this record.

S.o.D. & DJ X-TRAKT’s Electro Beast Machine is exactly that. Formed out of a synth & drum machine jam back in 2020, this track lay dormant until X-TRAKT created the middle section over a year later. Then, in response to that, S.o.D. created the final section, and together they polished off the dynamic rammer that is E.B.M. !

Containing synth stabs, rolling arpeggiators, electric pads, thunderous sub bass kicks, sharp claps, lightning breaks, and some silly vocals, Electro Beast Machine is an absolute slammer !