Music and the Machine

Artificial intelligence (AI), like in the rest of our lives, can now be found in every corner of the music industry. From analysing music listening behaviours to creating personalised playlists, to evaluating which songs are most likely to be popular with music consumers, it is everywhere.

But what if machines could also write the music that you listen to? In this experimental concert, we will present a set of original pieces created by a team of composers, computer scientists and researchers using AI algorithms that are now being used across the world to create music with machines. These algorithms analyse large corpora of music written by humans and learn to compose new music in different music styles. We will explore how the choice of these corpora and the intervention of humans in the AI composition process affect the music that machines create and the implications it has in terms of authorship and copyright.

Programme: to be decided by the machine! Follow its progress on the Applied Music Research Lab website (

Part of the Lunchtime Concert Series and Musical Futures.

Musical Futures is an annual series of concerts and events that explore the future of music-making, digital creativity, and new ways to perform, experience and interact with music.

Tickets: FREE, booking required