Murder Mystery – Killer Christmas Party

DBY Interactive present the ultimate murder mystery themed night

1958, Christmas in Hollywood California and the stars are out in force on the red carpet – putting on a musical extravaganza to raise money for the homeless who will be spending the festive season with nothing but the sidewalk for company.

The biggest draw is The legendary Capeoli – fresh from a sell out tour and box-office busting movie run – they have Hollywood – heck, the WORLD – in the palm of their hand. Their charm and good grace is legendary, but it seems that there’s more to the Italian born rat-packer than meets the eye. The evening may be about charity and good will to all men, but there’s a stink about the place that smells like… MURDER!

An evening of intrigue, live music and murder – grab onto your hats boys and gals – it’s gonna be Killer or a party out there.

Theme : Rat Pack inspired, Hollywood 1950s, live singing, crime thriller,