Moonfrog: Zanias

Since  2014, Zanias has existed as the unrepentant creative venture of Alison  Lewis, born in Australia, raised in Southeast Asia, and also known for  her vocal work with Linea Aspera, Keluar and a record shelf’s worth of  collaborations with the likes of Black Rain, Ancient Methods, Dax J and I  Hate Models.

As the sole custodian of Fleisch Records she spent many years attuning herself to Berlin dancefloors through the timely collision of techno and electronic body music, but her true passion is  for understanding the modality of emotions through songwriting. Sound  is her psycho-spiritual catharsis, expressed through an intense and  ethereal vocal performance, evocative melodies and heavy rhythmic  components. With dark synth sounds at the fore, a pop sensibility  commands the structure or her work, while authenticity and vulnerability  subsume the core.