LuYang Arcade Liverpool

Step into the immersive universe of renowned multimedia artist, LuYang.

LuYang Arcade Liverpool transforms the gallery into a retro-futuristic arcade composed of games, avatars and environments inspired by anime, sci-fi, Buddhism and neuroscience.

Motorcycle racing simulators, Space Invader joy-con towers and dance mat stations transport you to entertaining and thought-provoking worlds. Through gameplay, the artist invites you to explore the idea of “living on the internet” and to abandon binary ideas of “identity, nationality, gender – even your existence as a human being”.

Constantly evolving, technology allows us to consider new, alternative ways of existing. The world around us holds different histories, cultures and identities. Though these all exist alongside each other, certain stories are often marginalised, or forced to mould to a particular ideal: we might understand our own identities in very different ways to how others see us. Through their work, LuYang provokes us to question our expectations of normal, using the cultures of anime, video games and sci-fi to create new worlds, and alternative possibilities for living.