LUMA Creations presents: Illapu

Like the Earth, Illapu lives, bears fruit, transforms itself and beats underneath the roots of its own history. Today, after harvesting a career of over 50 years, it continues to be one of the most important contemporary Latin American folk bands with Andean roots. From there they nourish their sounds and harmonies, singing to life, love, justice and the preservation of cultural springs of the indomitable Latin America, of its environment and those who inhabit it.

The legendary Illapu have released 24 albums, all of them with great impact. Their most recent studio album, Con Sentido y Razón, reached great success in both sales and reviews. Its success on digital platforms has also been unprecedented for a folk band; they have been listened to all over the world.

Today Illapu continues their successful journey through Chile and the world, taking their traditional rhythms and magic sounds, alongside their committed voice, to every place they visit.