Liverpool Mozart Orchestra: A Winter Warmer

Escape from a chilly winter’s day with thoughts of a warm summer evening courtesy of Zoltán Kodály, as he said “conceived on summer evenings, amid harvested cornfields, by the ripples of the Adriatic.”, and with the bucolic scene painted by Dina Appeldoorn in her short 1934 work Pastorale.

A year after Appeldoorn’s untimely death Arnold Schoenberg completed his Chamber Symphony No. 2, a full 33 years after he started it. The long gestation period creates a fascinating work in which Schoenberg struggles to reconcile his style when he started the work in 1906 with his late mature style of 1939, by which point he had passed through his 12-note serialism phase and returned to more tonal landscapes, of a fashion. As he wrote when he was revising the work “I spend most of the time trying to discover ‘What did the author mean here?’!

Unlike the rest of the programme, Beethoven’s fifth and final piano concerto needs no introduction. Whilst Beethoven might not have liked the moniker of the “Emperor” concerto, it is certainly a work full of heroic piano playing coupled with melodic invention and an absolutely gorgeous slow movement.

The Liverpool Mozart Orchestra (LMO) is delighted to welcome back Robin Wallington to conduct the first of two concerts with them this season together with award winning pianist and LMO debutante Maria Luc.