La Feria: Millaray and Victor Rios

Luma Creations launches LA FERIA 2023, a Latin American Cultural Festival, at the Unity Theatre, with a powerful double feature and Q&A with the artists.

Millaray – the force of the underground Chilean hip hop scene, highly acclaimed young Mapuche rapper, MC Millaray makes her live UK debut.

Victor Rios – How British Are We?

A tv-show-like test to see how British we are. Explored through the life journey of a migrant who came from the high altitude of the Andes as a young person, embracing the cultural contrasts of the UK, and is now conflicted on how to identify himself.

Is he Bolivian? Is he Latino? Is he British?

What is he? What are we?

Q & A

Led by the acclaimed journalist, Pablo Navarrete, founder and director of Alborada (Latin America Uncovered). The Q & A will include Millaray and Victor Rios and centres around the key subject of identity.