La Feria: Lokandes, Identidad, Magaly Flores and Daniela Rodriguez

LA FERIA 2023 presents three commissions focusing on identity by dancers from Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Liverpool at this very special dance showcase. The second part of the show will present the magical sounds of Lokandes in their first performance in Liverpool.

Lokandes is an Andean Latin Afro groove fusion band based in London since 2009. The name is the combination of two words: ‘Crazy’ and ‘Andes’ which means making unconventional and alternative music with Andean instruments and modernising it to make a fusion of traditional roots and Afro- rhythms with other contemporary genres.

Luma creations asked dancers, Valeria Cazas (Bolivia), Marina Pozo Such (Spain) and Sabrina Steel (Liverpool) to create a special performance based on their individual identities and the coming together of their three cultures – a beautiful, deeply thoughtful creation takes form, titled Identidad.

Magaly Flores is an exceptional dancer, choreographer and teacher from Mexico who has a unique understanding of the diversity of Mexican folklore. Her presentation comes from a deep knowledge of her culture.

Colombian Salsa champion and deeply rooted Colombian folk dances, Daniela Rodriguez will present a biographical dance performance highlighting elements of her roots and culture.