La Feria 2023 finale

La Feria 2023 culminates with an explosive manifestation of music from across Latin America, with a finale bringing together local & international artists from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and the UK.

Let your hair down, dance the night away, and experience the power of Latin American Rhythms and exquisite joy of Latin American culture.

Mambe & Da-nochilango (Mexico & Colombia)

The Copenhagen award winning based duo of Colombian Claudia Rodriguez aka Mambe and Mexican Fernando Mora aka Da-nochilango unite the rhythms of all cultures to create the world music of the future, true sonic travelers and ambassadors of global sound. She is a sophisticated and articulate lyrical activist with a powerful melodic voice who sings in Swedish, Danish, Spanish and English tearing down cultural boundaries. He is a former dancer of The Royal Danish Ballet with a longstanding experience as DJ and producer with a great sense of harmonic balance between acoustic instrumentation and futuristic electronic sounds. We call it Electronic Cumbia and so much more!

Roxy & Toby (Venezuela & UK)

Roxy & Toby are an accomplished Latin duo who first crossed paths in Liverpool, UK. Roxy hails from Venezuela and is a gifted salsa vocalist, while Toby is an talented musician from Liverpool with an established track record for playing excellent Latin rhythms. Together, they’ve crafted deeply rooted Latin music that embodies their passion for creating beautiful harmonies and meaningful lyrics. Their sound is essential for those who appreciate good music and love to dance.

Cydtronik (Chile)

Cidtronyck is a renowned DJ and music producer who began his career in 2003 linked to the Hip Hop scene. His fresh, classic sound has been influenced by the US east coast 90s Rap, he was part of the rap group Salvaje Decibel and worked for 10 years as a DJ, producer, and second voice of the well-known MC Portavoz. He has collaborated with artists such as Matiah Chinaski, Ana Tijoux and Macha from Chico Trujillo, Stailok (Original Movement), Rxnde Akozta (Cuba), Rapsusklei (Spain), FranK Nitt de Frank ´N ´Dank (U.S.A.), Suff Daddy (Germany) and Juli Giuliani (Spain).