Jasdeep Singh Degun: Anomaly

Submit to the beauty and sorrow, poetry and power of the sitar of Jasdeep Singh Degun, steeped in the North Indian classical tradition and proudly born, raised and based in Leeds.

‘Anomaly’ is not just any debut album, showcasing an almost preternatural musicality, a way with technique, improvisation, composition and collaboration that will dazzle purists and newcomers alike.

From sitar solos, duelling sitar and guitar to cinematic journeying here with a nine-piece ensemble, this is music rooted in the ancient repertoire of raags, the frameworks used in the improvised performances of Indian classical music, delivered with contemporary flair.

Tickets: £20 (Concs. £16*) + booking fee
A booking fee of 8% will apply to purchases made by telephone or online.