House of Suarez: The Ball of Conspiracies

The Legendary House of Suarez Vogue Ball returns for The Ball of Conspiracies

One Ball just isn’t enough!

Hot off the high heels of the rapturously received Euro Ball on the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool, the Legendary House of Suarez are excited to announce the Ball of Conspiracies for Autumn 2023, at it’s regular playground, the Invisible Wind Factory.

Was the moon landing faked? Did aliens land at Roswell? Was Avril Lavigne replaced by a lookalike called Melissa? Is the Vogue Ball itself an inside job?

Probably not. But it will be fun to apply the glitter, shake our hips and pretend for one night!

Iconic host Ricki Beadle-Blair will take us on a journey as our incredible artists sashay us through some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories on the net, with even more outlandish outfits and performances.

Darren Suarez, founder of the House of Suarez, says; “The House of Suarez are so excited to bring you The Ball of Conspiracies. Over the last few years, we have seen our social medias blow up with all the thoughts and conspiracies that are going on around us, whether it’s Loch Ness Monster, aliens, the flat Earthers, and beyond.

“All this and more will be explored, and our runway will be filled with glorious iterations of the absurd. After my own Tik Tok journey, I am so buzzed – and petrified – that there is so much out there that the Vogue Ball can unravel with a massive bow.”

Tickets will sell out – so make sure you book early and come join the real illuminati!
“A glorious mess of identities which doubles up as a killer evening of entertainment.” – Upstaged Manchester

“A must-see show…and a highlight of the year.” – Liverpool Live TV

“Forget everything you’ve seen on a standard catwalk, because this is ten times the energy. It’s exactly the kind of place you want to be on a Saturday night.” – Purple Revolver

“At its best, the freedom that this culture inspires is what makes it so worthwhile. It is empowering, and it stays w