Cornwall indie-rockers Holiday Ghosts return to Future Yard on Wednesday 12th April, after superbly sound tracking the sunset in the garden at Future Now this past summer. We urge you to listen to Holiday Ghosts, quit your corporate job, put your laptop in shredder, walk away, go outside, remember what the Clean, the Go Betweens and the Modern Lovers once promised you: a life cracked open with fresh new possibilities. Three songwriters revel in lyrics descended down from Ray Davies’ 3rd person tales of landlords, bathing suits, shopping malls and the northstreet air. Based in Brighton via Falmouth on the south coast of England, Holiday Ghosts conjur the airy fun of Richard Brautigan if he had a band and was from England and wasn’t a hippie or a beatnick and he didn’t wear those big hats or have that mustache and his name wasn’t Richard, or Brautigan, and he wasn’t a writer or an artist of any kind.

Holiday Ghosts, not like Richard Brautigan at all really.