HOL Techno: Funk Assault [Chlär vs Alarico], Blasha & Allatt +

On Friday 9th June for 12 hours we bring a very special lineup to meraki filled with artists, labels and events that are all doing so much for the respective scenes they represent in the North West, London and in Europe. [



Billy Does [Birdsong]

Blasha & Allatt [MeatFree/Frixxxion]

Funk Assault [Chlär vs Alarico] (3-hour set UK debut)

Giselle Guedes [Dusk, Flūxo, HØL]

Lucy Grey [Majia Amor]

Max CTRL [Watt Hz?]

Pink Concrete [hereandthere]

The party will begin outside in meraki’s garden at 6pm, before moving into the club at 10pm.

We want everyone to feel welcome and included in this event that celebrates our values of unity, respect and freedom of expression. There will be a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of harassment, judgement, or discrimination in any form.

We kindly asks that everyone respects the no pictures/video recording on the dancefloor policy that we have in place for this event.

Meraki is the perfect venue for this celebration of music and community, with the club having done so much to provide safer spaces. Both the garden and inside provide a space that allows all music lovers to connect with each other, whilst also providing an intimate connection to the artists and their performances.

We hope everyone comes as early as possible to experience all the amazing artists we have selected for the event.

There is a limited number of entry before 8pm and 10pm tickets available. Once these go, you will need to purchase an anytime entry if you wish to arrive early on.