Friends & Family 004

Friends and Family is a multi-genre community party focused on energy, groove, and experimentation. It’s an event where anyone with a good vibe can play, and it’s a chance for people to perform something that they don’t normally get to play or to try out a new project/idea. Basically, it gives people the space to experiment and have fun.

F+F will always be a flat ticket price, no early bird, no guest list, everyone gets the friends and family price (and this one is free!). Alongside all this it’s an event that cares about and actively works on being a safe and welcoming space. Any and all feedback on this and anything else to do with the event is appreciated x

Big energy UKG/garage + lots of other bangers. Daisy has been doing bits around Liverpool, with support sets for Girls Don’t Sync and loads of other boss events.

Midnight Scran
Jazzy set of slacker rock grooves. Made up of alumni from some of Liverpool’s best underground psych bands, and with 3 EPs under their belt, Midnight Scran is some of the best new music in Liverpool. Only their second live outing!

Usual in-house DJ with a vinyl set of underground hip hop.