Ex Easter Island Head + Mésange


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Ex-Easter Island Head (2009-) are a UK-based musical group composing and performing music for solid body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments.

Primarily performing as a quartet, the group incorporate multiple electric guitars augmented through mechanical preparations and extended techniques to create works that explore group interplay, repetition and melodic invention through purposefully limited means.

They have performed their original compositions solo, as a duo, trio, quartet and as a large ensemble across a wide variety of events from site specific installation works to live film scores to immersive educational projects.

Their records Mallet Guitars One –Three, Large Electric Ensemble and Twenty-Two Strings have been released to significant critical acclaim from the likes of The Wire, Pitchfork, the Quietus and the New York Times. The group have received airplay on the BBC, ABC German National Radio and more with their music favourably compared to the likes of Steve Reich, Glenn Branca and John Cage.

Performances have taken place in venues ranging from the tiny Scottish island of Iona to a 150-year old brewery in Berlin and include appearances at Stewart Lee’s ATP Supersonic and Le Guess Who? festivals. The group have undertaken collaborations with up to thirty musicians in large scale performances ranging from massed electric guitar ensembles to scratch orchestras of all ages, instrumentation and abilities. They have toured and undertaken residencies in the UK, EU, and Japan.

Collaborators include musicians of the BBC Philharmonic and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic orchestras, Birmingham international Dance Festival (with choreographer/artist Kei Miyata) and composer Arnold Dreyblatt. They have undertaken several collaborations with composer/performer Laura Cannell, including the collaborative album Whistling Arrow, with Charles Hayward and Andre Bosman. They have been the subject of a special edition of BBC Radio 3’s Exposure program and have received arts council funding to tour their Large Electric Ensemble projects, bringing together musicians from Manchester, Salford and Nottingham’s thriving experimental music scenes to create ambitious concert pieces for up to 20 players.

Between 2018-2022 the group has worked in collaboration with the Newcastle-based charity Hand Of to devise and deliver musical education projects to over 150 primary and secondary school children in Northern England, mixing heritage, history, place and music to create large scale immersive experiences

They have released two successful volumes of library and production music for EMI/KPM – Mechanical Landscapes One and Two. Throughout 2022 they have been recording their first new album since 2016, for release next year.


“Churning pulses, alternate tunings and dense harmonic worlds… all the strings being heard at once” – The New York Times

“Repetition and rumbling resonances bringing to mind Rhys Chatham’s seminal works with tone and John Cage’s rhythmic sensibilities” – Pitchfork

“A three chord punk mission statement turned into a neo-classical manifesto” – The Wire

“Free flowing genius” – The Guardian

“Percussive drones that would make the likes of Steve Reich and Brian Eno proud” – Noisey

“A thrilling venture into galloping rhythm and elongated layers of droning melody” – The Quietus