Eat Me: The Alien Edition


Anyone could be one… Or EVERYONE could be one!

Whether you believe in crystal skulls or crystal meth, whether you saw your nana’s eyes change colour or you were (consensually) probed by some little green men.. The truth is out there!.. and, whatever black hole you came from, we think you’ll love EAT ME: The ALIEN Edition!

Featuring OUT OF THIS WORLD human hosts Lily Snatchdragon & Mark Anthony alongside the intergalactic hivemind stardom of ANNA PHYLACTIC, ATHENA BARBITAL, SYR, OLLIE ADE & much much more!
Not forgetting our gorgeous Door Human CON!, BSL coverage from CHERYL and SUPERSTAR DJ LOVEABLE – keeping you grounded in the 5th dimension ‘til the early morn!
With delicious Vegan foodstuffs available to buy on the night from the juan and only Guac ’n’ Roll Kitchen.

Yes, let’s bid goodbye to Eurovision (and our dignity), cast off our human skin suit and become something – or someone – else for the night! You better book your tickets ASAP to this some-of-a-kind show …because they’ll sell out faster than you can say ‘get away from her, you bitch!’

And remember… they mostly cum at night!

Win HUGE life changing prizes in our Xenomorphs Only Costume Competition… category is:
E.T Phone Homo
Close encounters of a Turd Kind
Tentacular spectacular sentient tapeworm realness
In space no one can hear you cream!
Dr Whomst?
Independence Gay
…Or whatever sparkly garbs make you feel like your best self!

We offer discounts to low-income or unwaged people as well as carer tickets. If you need to come to the show but aren’t flush with cash, please email to let us know.

We want to satisfy your needs! Please email for all your ACCESS enquires, requires and desires. District is wheelchair accessible + the cabaret is BSL interpreted

Doors open 7.30

Show starts 8.00

Music Genres: Disco, Disco House, Nu Disco, Pop