DM #7: Russell Haswell (Diagonal, Downwards, Warp) + Special Guests

Danse Macabre returns for its 7th edition with a special headline performance from multi-disciplinary artist and live electronics legend Russell Haswell (Diagonal, Downwards, Warp), following the release of his latest record Realty Thearapy on Diagnonal.

Special Guests TBA

20:00- LATE


Russell Haswell was born in Coventry, 1970. He started out as a paper boy, then an industrial cleaner at Peugeot/Talbot in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, before studying Fine Art at Coventry University in the late 80s. He has performed with a computer or “live electronics” in 30 countries around the world, on 4
continents, as well as completing long-term international residencies. He has presented projects extensively in venues and International festivals including the Prix Ars Electronica, the Serpentine Pavilion, the Barbican, Coventry Cathedral, I.C.M.C., Sonar, V-A-C Foundation in Russia, MOFO Tasmania, the Office for Contemporary Art in Norway, ICC and CCA in Japan.

In addition to his work in galleries, nightclubs and festivals he has also released a huge amount of records and CDs on labels including Editions Mego, Warp, Downwards and Diagonal Records. Russell’s work is deeply inspired by lived experience and various forms of extreme music ranging from Detroit & Birmingham Techno to Japanese nO!se and Norwegian Black Metal and he is perhaps most well known for creating highly innovative, often improvised, experimental, critical and abrasive works.

Evidencing the critical impact of Russell’s work, when Steve Beckett, co-founder of Warp Records was asked in a 2006 interview what the label would like to do were it not for practical or financial constraints, he responded: “I’d be TV advertising Russell Haswell albums during Big
Brother.” Similarly, London’s Serpentine Galleries’ Artistic Director, Hans Ulrich Obrist has described Russell as: “a National Treasure.”

Forthcoming in 2023 are brand new album releases for Diagonal, Fancyyyyy and iDEAL.