Arts Bar Live – Wxndchime & Kaobi

Join us on the 17th of August for a special filmed performance by Wxndchime & Kaobi.

‘Wxndchime is a British-Jamaican artist from South London who, much like the musicians who influence her, utilises her music as a tool of expression against injustice. Having lived in both England and Jamaica, her sound which creates allegorical reggae/neo-soul infused melodies, overtly reflects on the Black/Caribbean influence on British society and the reverberations of this. She explains her name as the symbolism of making peaceful noises from collisions. She removes the ‘I’, replacing this with the militancy of ‘X’.

KAOBI, formerly known as A.O, is a rapper and singer/songwriter from South East London. With Nigerian heritage, KAOBI accredits his newly acclaimed alias to reflect his cultural identity. The name is of Igbo descent and can be attributed to many meanings, however ‘a manifestation of my heart’s desire’ is the meaning that resonates with the rapper the most, as music has been his heart’s desire from a young age. Effortlessly blending genres (UK rap and alternative r&b forms) KAOBI’s hypnotic sound has led him to create and perform original songs, specifically to celebrate the FIFAe Nations Cup at the O2 Arena in collaboration with Mixtape Madness.