Yann Tiersen & Quinquis

Yann Tiersen & Quinquis host a special one-off show to discuss the unique tour that they have been doing by boat this Summer. Featuring stories from the sea and music from artists that they have met and collaborated with along their journey, which brought them to Liverpool this week.

Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS are embarking on a tour like no other when they depart from their home, Ushant, an island off the Breton coast, this summer and set sail for a tour of Celtic lands and the Faroe Islands. Tiersen & QUINQUIS, will be travelling on their sailboat, Ninnog – named after a medieval mother superior, born in 414 who travelled from Wales to Brittany, becoming a protector of women and a champion of sustainability and forestry – to a series of performances in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England and the Faroe Islands.

The tour is intended as a direct political statement on the ecological impact of large scale touring, offering an alternative ways of thinking around established methods of touring. With several shows already booked in June, July, August and September, taking in Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh and Bangor as well as Liverpool and the Faroe Islands, the artists have asked communities to suggest places for them to perform along the route – churches, communes, pubs, squats, beaches and gardens – with the aim of offering a new way to experience performance, for both the audience and the artists.