Where Are The Girl Bands?

Where are the Girlbands? is an organisation dedicated to making the music scene more accessible to everyone, through the promotion and celebration of women creatives in Liverpool.

They give a platform to artists and their work with interviews, reviews, panel discussions and more, and aim to open up the discussion around gender inequality in the music industry and in local scenes.

They also put on events that challenge conventional live music settings and promote safe gig spaces for all, as well as workshops and development days with local artists.

Their page acts as a directory for artists to network and collaborate, creating connections that span across artistic disciplines, social backgrounds, levels of experience and more.

Eve and Ella from Where are the Girlbands are back on the Melodic Distraction airwaves for their May catch-up! Tune in for updates on exciting summer projects coming up, an exclusive interview with Karman and Harriette and tonnes of tunes by local artists including new releases by Nil00, Phoebe Green, Harriette, Samya O’Grady and AMBA.