Watt Hz? Invites… k.h0lle

Entering into 6 years of underground adventures, Dance music & arts collective and staple of Liverpool’s creative scene Watt Hz? invites an array of guests to the Melodic Distraction HQ. Each month the team plays host to artists akin to their sound and ethos as they push further into the unknown.

Originally hailing from Belfast, k.h0lle has fast become a welcome part of Manchester’s dance music scene, involved heavily with queer parties such as High Hoops and a regular face at venues such like XLR & Soup Kitchen.

Having made their live debut in February 2022, they have gone on to play in many of Manchester’s most coveted nightspots such as The White Hotel, The Loft & The Derby Brewery Arms. From their unique take on dance music they broach a sound that is both fun and refreshing. Well dug, at times psychedelic but always playful and with the dancefloor firmly in mind.

We’re excited to to bring k.h0lle through for their debut in the Melodic Distraction studio where (in the spirit of the coming weather) they will be showcasing a sequence of sunswept heartbreakers from across the spectrum of house, techno & leftfield dance music. These are tracks you are likely to find them playing deep into an extended afters session long beyond the wee hours.