Unknown End Xmas Special

Fresh from designing roundabouts and selling gas safety equipment to pay the bills, Kevin & Stewart are back with another episode of Unknown End, their show that can literally feature anything. The weirder the better.

This months show is an autumnal delight feat. no electronic music from the duo who generally throw some curveballs into their mixes. I guess this one is no different; drawing on world music and inspiration about how fu**ed the world is at the moment. Big cosy jumper and hot chocolate vibes (we have it on good authority all members of Slipknot love knitwear & hot chocolate).

This month, Unknown End are delivering their annual Christmas Special! Tis the season! Kevin and Stewart have wrapped up 2 whole hours (that’s right, 100% more than 2020 and 2021 offered) of awkward Christmas music (where they find it all, we have no idea) especially for you. In their own words, strap in for 120 mins of “the tunes your granny said ruined Christmas Day”.