Fresh from designing roundabouts and selling gas safety equipment to pay the bills, Kevin & Stewart are back with another episode of Unknown End, their show that can literally feature anything. The weirder the better.

Welcome to another episode of UnknownEnd. At the helm is Kevin and Stewart. Expect some curveballs, some things that sound the same but different, some things to make you clap your hands, stomp your feet and scratch your head.

In September’s episode of Unknown End, Stewart is flying solo again and taking you through an hour of club-ready hits as he takes a step away from his more down-tempo, jazz and hip-hop inspired sets. This is likely heavily influenced by the fact that our DJ collective – Le Freak & Friends – have our first gig back today. Pumpo tunes all night are on the cards! Minimal chat in this one, we just wanted you to imagine you were on the dance floor, nobody chatting nonsense in your ear. Just you, and the music! Peep the show next month for the return of 6ยบ of Melodic Distraction where all the artist names were taken from people present at the Melodic Distraction launch party – you know who you are.