Unknown End

Fresh from designing roundabouts and selling gas safety equipment to pay the bills, Kevin & Stewart are back with another episode of Unknown End, their show that can literally feature anything. The weirder the better.

This month’s show was a culmination of a few beers, a bottle of buckfast and just picking some tunes to smile to. 15mins each then swap (x2) definitely results in some interesting blends to say the least.

This show is pre-recorded as we have a gig (OMG YAY) up in Dundee on a pier on the River Tay. Peep the promo image for the swathes of ppl we managed to drag out of their houses last year for a few beers. Let’s hope the weather holds out eh! Follow our instagram on the day ‘_unknownend’ for general debauchery.

Also, make sure you stick next month (10 July 2021) in your radio calendar as this will be our 1 year anniversary at Melodic Distraction, we will be bringing you a one-off special for this occasion.