Hello, welcome to another episode of the 6 degrees show, brought to you by Kevin & Stewart from the Unknown End show. If you’re new around here, the 6 degrees show is based on the same premise of six degrees of separation, i.e., you’re no more than six social interactions away from anyone else on this spinning ball we call home. So, Sandra down the road might have a cousin who’s best mate is Patrick Topping’s uncle! Simple!

But we aim to do this in a music form, linking a list of random artists provided to us, going from one to the next via remixes they have done, samples they have used or record labels they have released on. Complications or ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ doesn’t count, neither do gigs, so you can’t say ‘I’ll link Arctic Monkeys into Biffy Clyro’ and say, well they both played T in the Park in 2014, not happening!

This month’s list of artists come courtesy of Rhys Fairhurst, a DJ, producer, writer and broadcaster. I had seen on social media, Rhys and some pals from Wales have been holding a series of Zoom meetings under the ‘Sizzling Hot Events’ banner, they’ve been holding Q&A sessions with musical talents such as Nikki Chong, our very own Josh Aitman, Andrew Hill of Abandon Silence and the Baltic Weekender and Tom Burnside, a DJ/Producer and programmer for Lakota in Bristol. Really great to see young musicans keeping engaged as well as championing and elevating each other. Love that!!

I joined the session with Josh and asked Rhys after it for a list of artists, of which he sent me:
– Narada Michael Walden
– Thom Yorke
– Fred Again
– Chicane;
– The Streets
– Sister Sledge.

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