Threshold Festival

Founded by Kaya & Chris Herstad Carney as an expression of passion for the grassroots music & arts scene of their hometown, Threshold is a festival started by artists for artists.

Dedicated to authenticity, integrity and entertainment, Threshold is an exciting and accessible platform for all local talent of the North West, spanning a huge spectrum of genres and backgrounds.

As it celebrates its 8th year, Threshold Festival brings together a diverse wealth of artists, musicians, promoters, academics and enthusiasts to The Baltic Triangle district of Liverpool. Using the once derelict and now booming warehouse venues of the area, it offers a playground for those seeking the alternative, experimental and fresh in music & arts.

This year’s lineup features many a local hero including Paddy Steer, Seafoam Green and Mersey Wylie to name a few. We’re joined by Chris Carney on the opening day to get the festival lowdown, plus an interview with SKAAR and live music from Saint & Nicola Jane!