The Ungoverned

Collective minds exploring a positive present and rewriting the past.

The Ungoverned is an online programme of mixes and soundscapes running throughout August, from CRYSTALLMESS, mobilegirl, LYZZA, AUDINT, Hannah Catherine Jones.

Saturday 5th September will see a special live broadcast on of poetry readings with Whiskey Chow, Rachel Long and Tanaka Fuego, followed by a newly commissioned performance from Maëva Berthelot and Coby Sey. Hosted by Wysing Arts Centre and curated by A—Z (Anne Duffau), The Ungoverned looks at how we can deconstruct normativity through collaboration, exchange, texts, ephemeral gestures and other languages. This year’s programme emphasises the importance of difference and diverse ways of communicating: the morphing of words to choreographies, soundscapes, dialects and voices. The whole project is presented in partnership with The Wire, Tank Magazine & Noods Radio.

The Ungoverned debut on Melodic Distraction is premiering a special mix by LYZZA and a short interview with the artist for Wysing Polyphonic Festival, presented by curator A—Z (Anne Duffau).