The Tokky Horror Radio Show

In the words of Clash Magazine “Proudly claiming to “not be making electronic music any better, just making punk music worse”, Tokky Horror are defined by a reluctance to take anything seriously, sights focused solely on having a good time. They’re scrappy, they’re energetic, and the set rouses movement within every member of the crowd. If they’re making punk ‘worse’, then maybe ‘worse’ punk is where it’s at.”

Part punk, part rave, all party three piece, Tokky Horror have announced a run of U.K. shows this November plus new single “Jazz Music”. The Merseyside based three piece will hit the road aftera summer of massive festivals including the likes of Bangface, Boomtown & 2000 Trees. Newsingle Jazz Music, a 2-minute blast of jungle breaks beats, storming bass guitar and urgent chants, may be anything but Jazz.

Join Zee as they blast some killer jungle, nu metal and punk – with some upcoming Tokky Horror tunes sprinkled in for good measure.