Nirvana Principle Show: Money & Behaviour

Dr.Hassan Mallick, a UK-based Pakistani psychiatrist and electronic musician merges his dual passions for music and mental health into a harmonious whole under the alias “Nirvana Principle”.

The Nirvana Principle Show creates a space to discuss psychological concepts and widen perspectives on mental health. Mallick draws his insights from his 7 years of experience as a medical professional, DJ and founder of an underground music label in Pakistan, The Black Peach Project.
We hope to educate and entertain; the music for each episode is tailor-made to suit each discussion.

This Episode is titled ‘Money and Behavior.’

The first featured guest is Dr.Idris Jinadu, a psychiatrist based in North West England with roots in Lagos, Nigeria. They discuss the neurobiology of money, money and wellness and ponder over questions like “why isn’t everyone rich?”