The Ladies In The Radio

Introducing The Ladies in the Radio aka The Ladies in the Radiator. Experimental noise trio branded electronic witchcraft practitioners of the Avant Garde, The Ladies summoned themselves onto the Liverpool music scene in 2022, and have been casting spells with momentum ever since.

Borne of comedian and spoken word poet Phoebe Winstanley, sound artist Jezebel Halewood-Leagas, and later joined by violinist Blair Lawson. The Ladies explore themes of female trauma, navigating the world as someone with a neurodivergent mind, and difficult familial relationships. They do so by using a Lynchian theatrical style to highlight the discomfort of these topics to the audience. An onlooker once said “I didn’t believe in hypnotism before, but now I do”. Join them now as they attempt to communicate these topics of discomfort through sounds, prose, and theatrics through the medium of radio. Tune in for some dizzying sound waves with a splash of silliness and sadness.