The Keith Haring Exhibition Launch Party at Tate Liverpool

The Melodic Distraction team were invited down to soundtrack the opening of the UK’s first ever major showing of Keith Haring’s work at The Tate Liverpool.

Situated on the riverfront of the city, The Tate Liverpool exhibits many pieces from great artists. This time around, they host an exhibition to honor the work of Keith Haring – the first major exhibition of his work in the UK. Who did they invite down to grease the musical wheels? The Melodic Distraction crew! Over two and a half hours, James, Josh and Nina worked through the music that surrounded his legacy and encapsulates the many different countercultural scenes in New York at the time…

You can expect to hear the greats, such as Grace Jones, Dinosaur L, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and plethora of other artists in one big 80’s boom bap, disco and boogie mashup!