The Goldarndest Mixtapes: Detroit Stabs

Richie Anderson began producing acid and techno music in 1992, with releases on obscure hard techno labels such as ‘Kill Out’ and ‘Drop Bass Network’ under various guises.

After a hiatus from production, he began releasing new music again alongside a series of live performances in Berlin. With his latest release in October 2019, Richie is now researching underground dance music scenes with a focus on Liverpool post-2008. He is also examining ageing with dance music and the impact scenes have on a place – the generation of cool and an invitation for gentrification.

Richie is also a classical guitarist and his mixes tend towards a wild variety of genres. The Goldarndest Mixtapes aims to pick up from the cassette culture of his youth, stemming from a practice he shares with his friends. Each quarter they produce a physical CD of music matching a given theme, along with corresponding cover art. The interpretation of the theme is wide open – it could be simply matching song titles to the theme, or an esoteric/conceptual interpretation.

Each show will follow a theme which is represented within the music played. If you are interested in contributing to Richie’s research, please get in touch.

This month’s show’s theme focuses right in on a particular aspect of a single sub-genre, namely the sound of rhythmic keyboard stabs that characterised what was perceived as Detroit Techno in the early 90s. Reminiscing on a long-lost mix tape from that era, the show is a simple mix of tracks Richie finds evocative of that era’s sounds. Sounds that used to frequent the warm-up sets at the legendary Orbit club in Morely, though many of the tunes played here are of recent origin. The phrase Detroit Stabs is one Richie long thought he was alone in utilising to describe the harmonic pulse, but seems like Josh Wink does too with a track of the same name which features on the show.