The Beatriarchy

The Beatriarchy are a safe, inclusive online community which aims to amplify underrepresented groups such as womxn, LGBTQ+, Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in the underground electronic music scene.

Run by DJs Kitsta and Gracie T from Manchester and Sheffield respectively, The Beatriarchy was born from Gracie being mansplained to one too many times on white male-dominated tuneshare groups. “We got chatting and agreed that a lot of the online Facebook communities were gatekept and biased towards straight white males. We decided it was time to level the playing field and shine a light on those underrepresented voices, and so we started our own tuneshare group on Facebook, The Beatriarchy. It has now grown into an amazing online community and we’ve just launched our mix and interview series on Foodhall Radio and Soundcloud.

DJ SHINZEE is a London-based DJ, born in Italy with Sri Lankan roots, which has led him to explore/dive into a variety of genres when mixing. This guest mix is a blend of all the genres that first got him into DJ’ing 6 months ago – from Baile, Electronic, Desi Funk to R&B and UK Garage Edits.

Born in Giza, based in Glasgow, Joumana brings classic and modern sounds of Southwest Asia and North Africa to your radio. With punchy, urban tracks, coupled with groovy instrumentals, Joumana will leave you on your feet.