The Beatriarchy (No Bounds Special)

The Beatriarchy are a safe, inclusive online community which aims to amplify underrepresented groups such as womxn, LGBTQ+, Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities in the underground electronic music scene.

Run by DJs Kitsta and Gracie T from Manchester and Sheffield respectively, The Beatriarchy was born from Gracie being mansplained to one too many times on white male-dominated tuneshare groups. “We got chatting and agreed that a lot of the online Facebook communities were gatekept and biased towards straight white males. We decided it was time to level the playing field and shine a light on those underrepresented voices, and so we started our own tuneshare group on Facebook, The Beatriarchy. It has now grown into an amazing online community and we’ve just launched our mix and interview series on Foodhall Radio and Soundcloud.”

This month The Beatriarchy celebrates No Bounds Festival with two sick DJs from their October 2022 lineup – Snape & d. clemente! Snape has been bringing the 160 scene to Sheffield at venues such as record Junkie, the Harley, plot 22 and Sidney & Matilda. Snape will be shelling it at the forge in Sheffield supporting acts such as Eliza Rose and Emerald by bringing a mixed bag of 160, jungle, hardcore and Breaks.

If you’re familiar to the dance music scene of Manchester, you probably have met d. clemente and their, some dare say, hypnotic smile at some point. One of the heads behind Tough Act, a resident for 1020 Radio and Steam Radio, devout of all things hard, sexy and fast, d. clemente joins us at No Bounds this year. Today they’re bringing a power half an hour with snippets of what’s to expect from their set, mixed in a rude way and in no specific order.