Originally from London, with an alias drawn from the Bohemian borderlands of the Sudetenland, Teplice sang Brechtian drones at the Unicorn Theatre before producing the flagship ‘Blueprint’ radio show with esteemed junglist Ray Keith. Since arriving in Berlin in 2017, Teplice has combined these incongruous exploits to hone a distinctive sound of synth/electronic, experimental-pop, characterised by intricate vocal sampling, loops and harmonies.

Released on E.M.M.A’s Pastel Prism, in October 2019, Teplice’s debut EP, Bright Future, was played on BBC Radio 6 Music, Worldwide FM and NTS Radio, as well as featuring in Mixmag, The Guardian, Dazed, and H&M’s October playlist. More recently, in January 2022, she celebrated her first release on the Berlin-based label, Hot Concept, founded by John Loveless. To date, Feel Your Way has been showcased by Ransom Note, Stamp the Wax, Refuge Worldwide, and Tom Ravenscroft’s New Music Fix.

Teplice’s experimentation with the female voice and subjectivity is derived both from a professional background in drama and an interdisciplinary focus in cultural, literary and sound studies. She is currently a doctoral researcher at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, examining the representation of oppositional subjectivities in experimental (radio and podcasting) soundworks.