Sun Palace Sessions

Centred around a vintage Richard Long soundsystem and an inclusive, intersectional ethos – Sun Palace Sound System (SPSS) is much more than some big pink speakers.

SPSS’s parties aim to promote mental health, community and connection.

SPSS’s wizard engineer and co-owner Barney has spent a decade working across the Liverpool club scene pushing buttons at stellar venues including The Kazimier, 24 Kitchen Street and IWF. Whilst co-owner Heather spent the last decade deep in the charity sector, their obsession with music and dancing has made them a familiar face on Liverpool’s dance floors.

For the past 6 years, the pair have been quietly tinkering away, acquiring, restoring and planning the SPSS (a system that harks back to the early days of dance music in New York and Chicago).

Join them in their monthly session as they delve into their record collections, explore the evolution and politics of dance music, and discuss the values and experiences that inspired them to build SPSS.